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More sales won't fix the money problems 
in your business, but this will...

Benson Garner, February 01, 2022

Hey! Benson here… 

And I want to share with you some unconventional wisdom about business growth.

Because what you’ve been told about successfully growing your business is actually a myth.

See, if you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve likely heard the old adage that “Sales cures all ills.”

And it’s been repeated over and over again this past decade, ever since Mark Cuban said, “Sales cures all...”, during an interview and then said it again later during a Shark Tank episode.

Now I get it...

When things are tight and you’re feeling the financial squeeze, it’s easy to think, “We just need to sell more!” 

Or, “If we can just get a few more sales in this month, then we’ll be okay.”

But this “sales cures all” belief leads business owners down a treacherous path. 

Each new sale feels exhilarating in the moment.

But when the reality of fulfillment and the costs associated with every new sale sets in, that exhilaration quickly turns to vexation.

You start to realize that your sales are great but your profits are suffering. 

So you have to wonder if your money problems are actually a sales problem after all?

And herein lies the brutal truth about business growth…

More sales won’t fix the money problems in your business!

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I think it’s worth repeating this again...

More sales won't fix the money problems in your business… 

But becoming profitable will!

See, successful business growth is not about selling more... 

It’s about keeping more.

It’s not about making more...

It’s about taking more home.

And you can’t do that unless you’re profitable.

Cause guess what!? 

If you aren’t profitable, then every new sale only covers the costs to fulfill the previous sale and some of your overhead, if you’re lucky

Unfortunately for many business owners, there’s usually a disturbingly big difference between their top line revenue and their bottom line profits.

Which leads to another harsh truth wisely shared by the legendary Jack Stack when he said, “Sales without profit is just more work.”

Now, you didn’t go into business for yourself so that you could do more work and not get paid for it, did you?

I didn’t think so!

And I didn’t either!

That’s why we’ve spent the past decade developing, testing, and improving the "5 Profit Drivers". 

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